Mecon 9

Belfast Science Fiction Con

A panel - I forget1.jpg

A panel - I forget2.jpg

Closing ceremony1.jpg

Closing ceremony2.jpg

Closing ceremony3.jpg

Closing ceremony4.jpg

Con site at Elms.jpg

Cpn site - spot the guests.jpg

Dealers table hmmm.jpg

EasterCon anyone.jpg

Eugene shows us a video this time.jpg

Eugene shows us a video.jpg

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Ian McDonald GOH Speech1.jpg

Ian McDonald GOH Speech2.jpg

Ian McDonald GOH Speech3.jpg

Less than an hour to your speech Eugene.jpg

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Panel - I forget which.jpg

Panel - I forget which2.jpg

Panel - I forget which3.jpg

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Sunday Coffee Morning1.jpg

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Sunday Coffee Morning3.jpg

Sunday morning worship Ken McLeod1.jpg

Sunday morning worship Ken McLeod2.jpg

The bar is open.jpg