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   Update History

09 January 2005 More Paris pictures Click Here.

08 January 2005 More new pictures and some updates throughout the site - nothing immediately obvious, except to me!

04 January 2005 Lots of new pictures on the photos home page. Loads of other stuff going on as well since I last updated - just haven't been keeping this page up to date. Check out the blog for more regular updates.

30 October 2004 Finally decided to use another program for the blog - my last one kept getting spammed and crashing the Apache server of my ISP! didn't like the new one at first Link but the clean lines are growing on me. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

22 October 2004 Blog up and running again - though still getting some spam - any ideas? Moveable Type?

10 October 2004 Finally getting around to fixing this site again and getting the Weblog back up and running. Life, eh?

9 October 2004 Latest issue of TommyWorld - 77. James Bacon first installment of his TAFF report

22 September 2004 Finally having to work for a living at the Abbey bank and studying another Masters for two nights a week leaves little time for fandom and the web site. But I'll try and be a bit more active over the next few weeks.

02 September 2004 Weblog has been taken down due to huge spamming tonight...






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